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#13205338 Apr 22, 2017 at 01:53 PM
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One of my main alts is a Sorcery healer.

This is video is kinda of a base to healing with Sorcery. The video is still kind of the main way I heal. That being said I do swap out powers here and there given what I'm healing.

I do run run with Offering instead of boon of souls now. It only gives power to the Watcher. This frees up Ritualistic Word for just a 4 person heal.

Some other powers to note are:

Soul Siphon. This is really great when running with a rage tank..."Trex". This is a great heal that the more adds you have in a group the greater the heals it will put out. This dose not work to well with other tanks unless there are a lot of adds. You do need to be careful when running with it. If the tank is down or the add/boss has not aggro it will bring them right to you. It pulls adds to you.

I know a lot of player run with the supercharge power. The problem I have with this is when you need it you don't have it built up. So that is a slot that is not useless. I fell it's better to have a power that you can use at all times then one that only be used a few times during a raid.

If you have any question let me know.
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