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#13205305 Apr 22, 2017 at 01:30 PM
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I know some of you guys have fire toons so I though I would post up my Fire AM loadout and how I run with it.

Now this is pretty close to how I run on live. I have changed a few things. On the 6th slot I do not run with Robot sidekick anymore. I use Eternal Flame. Eternal Flame is a supercharge that when use will do a few things that will help you in a fight. The main thing is it makes you immune to knockdowns. This is must when you run fire. It will also heal you for the damage you take along with placing a dot on everything around you. I try to save EF for the boss fights. During a boss fight I will clip in this order Orbital strike, supply drop, trinket, EF, then the normal rotation you see in the video. Doing this in that order will buff your toon up HIGH. I would even say it's a higher buff then ice supercharge. But what is also great about it is EF will make you immune to knockdowns while you are buffed and will heal you if you happen to draw aggro from the boss or adds. So you have nothing stopping you from doing MAX damage for the next 5 sec, other then pick ups and role duties.

Here is the video. If you guys have any question let me.
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